The Costa – 2000 km Pacific coast

The coast has an extent of up to 200km in width, so at the height of the country’s largest city, Guayaquil. North of the metropolis, a coastal low mountain range with heights of up to 800 m but in the end, it is totally flat.

What to visit? In the coast you have many possibilities. From North, the famous Atacames beach, this part of the Costa counted until the late 1970s, the most attractive beaches in South America: fine white sandy beach with an infinite number of coconut palms.

Or Puerto López and La Isla de la Plata, the town has become as the center and administrative headquarters of the Machalilla National Park (Isla de la Plata) established in 1979, gradually become one of the main tourist destinations on the coast.

And what about Montañita? El dorado of water sports. For a lot of backpackers and surfers, the small but restless place is the Mecca of the boards. It is the ultimate rendezvous of long waves and short nights.

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