Info Covid-19 Ecuador/ Galapagos

Travel to the land of the four worlds is now possible!

We are pleased to announce the “new normal” in travel preparations for Ecuador and Galapagos, in the hope that we have summarized the most important steps for you here.

These are based on the latest information from the Ecuadorian authorities (as of July 2021).

Requirements for entry to continental Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

  1. Presentation of the negative result of an RT-PCR or negative antigen test for detection of COVID-19, up to 72 hours prior to the trip, counting from the collection of the sample (children under 2 years of age are exempt from presenting these tests).
  2. Presentation of the vaccination card against COVID-19 or its equivalent, with the complete vaccination schedule against Covid, which must be valid at least 14 days before the flight.
  3. All travelers whose point of origin is Brazil, will present the negative RT-PCR test or negative antigen test carried out up to 72 hours before arrival in Ecuador and will carry out ten days of isolation at their home or in any place of accommodation of their choice, the cost covers the traveler.
  4. For the entry of tourists, nationals or foreigners to the Galapagos Islands, in addition to the traffic control card issued by the Galapagos Government Council, compliance with guidelines 1 or 2 of this resolution is required. The pass (Salvoconducto) issued by the tour operator or the hotel to enter the Galapagos Islands has been revoked (with the exception: a tour guide still needs the pass (Salvoconducto), in accordance with Article 12 of the tourist guide regulations for the special regime of the Galapagos Province).


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