Dear travelers.

May I tell you that I am in love with my country, and why not?

Ecuador has given me a lot. In my 15 years as a tour guide I was able to discover so many new places and impressions. For me it was important to show my tourists the uniqueness of Ecuador but after feeling all of that. Since I live in Germany, it has been my dream to bring lovers and curious travelers closer to Ecuador and show all its beauties. That’s why I started a group on Facebook in 2017 where I help travelers with information and share culture, history and unique places. And so the way was not far from my own travel agency.

Why the name Yaguar Tours?

“Yaguar” is the original spelling of Jaguar in South America, well-known in Europe. When the British arrived on the continent years ago, they had problems pronouncing Yaguar with a “Y”, so the South American Yaguar was renamed Jaguar.

Due to you already carry the power animal in your last name and there is a direct connection to your country,  for this reason the travel agency is named after this unique animal, which has a mystical meaning in South America.

Sincerely yours

Diego Gabriel Toctaquiza Yaguar


Yaguar Tours