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Alexander Von Humbolt said it already once, “the ecuadorians sleep comfortably in the middle of fire”, and yes, he was right. In fact, we are so proud of our mountains, volcanos, big cities and little towns located, the diffrent cultures that we have in the smallest communities, all located over the 2.500 m, etc.

We have almost 100 volcanos in the whole country and the most are located on the Andes, for example the highest active volcano in the world, Cotopaxi (5897 m), its shape ist totally perfect, you can admire it from different parts of the andes, or the closest point from the earth to the sun (Chimborazo 6310 m), it is our highest mountain but because of the location of Ecuador (located in the center of the planet), the Chimborazo is the highest Mountain on the earth if we meassure it from the center of the planet.

In the Andes we have the famous andeanparamo, we have a variety of microclimas, we have the highest capital city in the world Quito. Come and discover more with us.

What are you waiting for!? Come and discover the unique beauty of the Andes!


Cotopaxi +3 Peaks

Chimborazo +4 Peaks

Condortrek 5 Days

Of course, we also offer a variety of other tours in the Andes. Just contact us, we would be very happy for you to arrange a tour according to your preferences and interests.


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